Greatest All-Time Yankees

Description: Being a life long Yankee fan, why not start it off with my Top 10 All-Time Favorite Yankees

10.  Rich Gossage RP – Why is he not in the HOF yet?  A little Gossage Trivia –
       appeared in 1002 games during his career from 1972 through 1994.  Only 37 of
       these games were those where we was the starting pitcher.  In 1976 his last year
       with the White Sox Gossage went 9-17 with a 3.94 ERA in 31 appearences, 29 of
       which he started.  Even more amazing is the fact he knotted 15 complete games.

9.  Don Mattingly 1B – Like Jeter he is the definition of what it means to be a Yankee

8.  Yogi Berra C – Not only a tremendous catcher but his quotes are A+

7.  Phil Rizzuto SS – One of the best characters the game has ever seen

6.  Mariano Rivera RP – Has rewritten the book on the proto-type closer

5.  Ron Guidry SP – A tremendous pitcher and one of the greatest lefty’s out there.
       A definate HOF if you ask me.

4.  Derek Jeter SS – Yep, even now.  Jeter defines what being a Yankee is all about.


3.  Thurman Munson C – Thurman to me defines baseball, great catcher!

2.  Lou Gehrig 1B – Career numbers were actually better than anybody else in history
       had his playing days been unfortunately cut short.

1.  Babe Ruth OF – The greatest MLB player off all-time, let alone the Yankees




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    Oh, by the way — that was kind of shocking not to see DiMaggio/Mantle/Ford in your top five, much less your top 10. If you criteria is “favorite yankees” then that’s more understandable, but your headline said “greatest yankees”.


  2. Bryan

    True, how could anybody leave them out. I could even come up with a few more names. But, I also kinda think, ah that is so easy everybody picks them. I wanted to do a list to encompass much more than the typical. Thurman Munson was a tremendous catcher who could actually hit as well, unfortunately, he was taken from us far too early. But, hey I love a great debate. So many great Yankees, its hard to break down a list and keep everybody happy 🙂


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