Yankee Player Rankings

Everybody loves rankings.  How often do we see team player rankings outside of prospects being listed?  Never!  So, on a weekly basis, I have decided to announce my Weekly Yankee Player Rankings for the current season.  Without further delay, here is the First Ever Yankee Player Rankings… by me anyway 🙂

July 17-July 23rd

10.   J. Giambi –  Despite a .208 BA and a .296 OBP, it seems weird to have him in the top 10.  However, unfortunately, there were others who had worse performances last week.

  9.  N. Green – The rookie only got 10 at bats, but picked up five hits, three of which were doubles and he got a walk.  He also did a respectable job in the field.  At least somebody showed up to play last week.

  8.  M. Rivera – A little low for the greatst reliever of all time, but in 3.1 innings he gave up 4 hits and a run which was a homerun.  Not a bad week, but we expect better.

7.  S. Proctor – Went through a rough stretch but was golden last week pitching 4.2 innings, picked up 9 K’s, only allowed 2 hits, no walks and most importantly ZERO runs. 

6.  C. Wang – Not the strongest week for him but he did give us 13 innings, won both of his starts and only yielded 6 runs despite giving up 17 hits. 
5.  M. Cabrera – Quickly becoming one of my favorite players and in my opinion a good candiate for ROY.  Despite only batting .259 for the week, he did get 7 hits, including a homerun, scored 5 runs and stole 3 bases.  Not bad rookie.

  4.  J. Damon
– Quietly had a .321 AVE and a solid .375 OPB.  Damon picked up 9 hits, 3 RBI’s and 3 walks and I believe is battling injuries too boot.  Tough kid!

3.  D. Jeter – Another solid week for Jeter.  .346 AVE to go with a .393 OPB Jeter also collected 9 hits and 2 stolen bases. 

2.  R. Johnson – Finally, a true Randy performance and we needed it too.  Despite getting the loss Johnson gave us 8 innings only 2 earned runs and collected 11 k’s to only one walk.  He shoulda won the game if we could have gotten a couple key hits.

  1.  J. Posada – Excluding the past balls, Posada was on fire last week at the plate.  His AVE and OBP was a strong .391 including a nice .696 SLG.  Possida had 9 hits, of which 2 were doubles, 1 triple and 1 homerun.  He had 4 RBI’s and 16 total bases collected which is 6 more than any other Yankee last week.  And for that, he gets the number one ranking.

Duds of the week

S. Ponson – started okay then got clobbered.  Walked away 0-1 with a 10.00 era giving up 10 earned runs in only 9 innings.  OUCH!

M. Cairo – batting .167 and a pathetic .200 OBP during 18 trips to the plate.  For al that work he knocked out 3 total hits.  Why on earth is he still starting?  They are playing Cairo at 2B and Green is doing better.  So give Green the starting job let Cairo collect splinters.

K. Wilson
– okay he is a rookie, but he won’t be staying with the big boys long if he continues his 12.27 era from giving up 5 earned runs, 3 of which were homeruns in only 3.2 innings.    Yeah, it was that bad.

J. Wright – Sooner or later the medicore outings were going to hurt and it happened last week.  In 2.2 innings write gave up 7 hits and 5 runs getting a football scoring 16.87 era.  DOUBLE OUCH!

A-Rod – Hate to do it, but a .154 AVE is not good and the 9 K’s really hurts and this dosen’t even touch the 5 errors.  He has been much better this year than people give him credit for, but last week was rough.  I feel for the guy, so please lay off him, let him find his groove and we all will greatly benefit in the end.



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