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Yankees winning awards:

On October 24th, Mariano Rivera was named the DHL Delivery Man of The Year for the 2nd consecutive year.  Congratulations Mariano.  For more on this story you can go to See:  Rivera is DHL Delivery man of The Year

Today, October 25th, Derek Jeter was named the AL Hank Aaron Award winner.  So Congratulations to Derek and hopefully, we will be saying Congrats again on November 21st when the AL MVP is announced.  See:  Jeter Adds Aaron Award to honors

Yankee News:

ESPN is reporting A-Rods agent Scott Boras was informed by Brian Cashment there is no intention to trade A-Rod during the off season Boras: Cashman says Yankees won’t trade A-Rod.  This is good news in my opinion.  I know this is not the popular view among Yankee fans, but lets face it, A-Rods off year is still a career year for a majority of big leaguers.  I guess 2006 really only proved one thing… A-Rod is actually human after all.  Give the guy a break folks.  Were not going to find a better third baseman out there anywhere unless somehow Steinbrenner discovered out how to clone human beings.

Whew!  No tension in the Yankee clubhouse.  The Associated Press published an article that in my opinion is only meant to try and stir things up for the Yankees offseason Jeter:  No tension lingers in Yankee Clubhouse  For as much as A-Rod is getting nailed in the press, Jeter is being peppered just as much concerning why he dosen’t speak out more for A-Rod.  Folks, this is going to be a long winter if we have to listen to this over and over again.  A-Rod had a down year, Jeter is the captain who from what I understand isn’t suppose to be a special cheerleader for A-Rod, not that A-Rod needs one.  This seems to be me more of a media wish to create tension than actual tension existing.

Check out ESPN’s rumor central MLB RUMOR CENTRAL (access required)  It was reported the Yanks might actually pick up Sheffields extension and then trade him off to one of several teams needing a power hitting outfielder.  Supposedly Cashman wants to get something for Sheffield rather than just letting him walk, which I can understand.  But, the extension is for $13 million in 2007.  Do we really think were going to get equal value for an aging OF who missing most of 2006? 

Another interesting rumor coming out of ESPN is the possibility of Freddy Garcia coming to the Yankees.  Naturally, this story should have been given a couple of question marks because in an article immediately following, you learn A-Rod would most likely be part of any deal, which I would be really suprised.  Think about it.  Why get Garcia when you can potentially get guys like Zito and Schmidt off the FA market.  Secondly, why on earth would you trade one of the greatest players of all time to a team you would most likely battle in the playoffs and who already have a very potent offense.  A trade like this just dosen’t make sense to me.

From CBS Sportsline website, the rumor mill indicates the possibility of Joe Girardi coming back to the Yankees in order to be Joe Torre’s bench coach.  Naturally, the suggestion goes further and explains the intent would be to have Girardi take over managing once Torre leaves.  But, if that were the case, what would you do with Don Mattingly?  Read about it here Rumor Mill

The offseason injury report for the Yankees is a little scary Yankee Notes  First off we all know Jason Giambi had surgery on the wrist that was bothering him at the end of the season.  (What’s with it with the Yankees and wrist injuries this year)?  Andy Phillips a player who I have always like has arthroscopic surgery on his knee.  Randy Johnson is having back surgery tomorrow and Scott Proctor will be getting his elbow examined after he heard a clicking sound.  I suppose if something is wrong, all were going to hear is about how Joe Torre abused his arm.  Never mind the fact that as short as when the Goose was playing he threw on average  over 100 innings a year.  Still sitting on the DL is Carl Pavano and who know when he will ever come back and Tanyon Sturtze who we could use back.

Btw here is a list of Yankee Free Agents and whether or not if I had the power, would try to sign or let go…

Gary Sheffield – would sign if less than 8 million (extension for $13 mil is on the table
Mike Mussina – extension for $17 million is on the table would like to settle for $12.
Jaret Wright – extension is available, would exercise and turn him into a long reliever/spot starter
Sal Fasano – Bye, time to give the kids a shot, like Wil Nieves, though he’s not a kid exactly.
Miguel Cairo – Bye, can’t hit a lick
Octavio Dotel – Sign, big arm and should be better in 2007
Tanyon Sturtze – Sign, keep price low add more incentives
Ron Villone – Sign, did a great job, just ran out of gas
Nick Green – Sign, good bench player and better infielder than Cairo anyway
Bernie Williams – Sign as player/coach, league min.
Craig Wilson – Sit tight and see if a 1B is availble, if not then Sign, if yes wait until last possible moment.

Note: about the previous article there was a comment, a rather rude one to say the least, pointing out the fact I mentioned Ponson becoming a hot pitcher for the Cards.  I meant to say Suppan, but Ponson seem to just pop into my thoughts instead, so the error in names was mine, but the intent is still present.  As for the comment, I know a lot of Cardinal fans and most act with respect, its one thing to point out and error, but to do so in the negative tone the complainer had is pretty much pointless.  Like A-Rod, I am human even if some might disagree.  Either way, I have no problems admiting to an error that I make and for all those who I may have confused by using Ponson instead of Suppan I apologize for the mistake.  As we all know Ponson was a bust for the Cards and the Yankees this year.  Great talent, series issues.  Hopefully, he can figure it out before its too late.  Oh and for the complainer… WHATEVER!!! lol


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