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Yankees Need A Change

Yankees need a change and its gotta start with Torre.  As painful as it may be.  Below is the Top 10 reason why Torre should be fired.

10.  Yankees are 21-29 after 50 games.  Dead LAST in the AL EAST a ******** 14.5 games behind the Red Sox.  This is unacceptable.

9.  The Yankees have already had a 7 game losing streak, a 3 game losing streak and currently a 5 game losing streak.  To date only a 3 game winning streak twice. 

8.  Okay, starting rotation was devastated when the season started, but its stable now.  Injuries have declined all nice excusess early on.  So how does that explain a current 4-10 record in the past 14 games or worse 5-13 in the past 18 games.

7.  Against Mets, Red Sox and Angels in 9 straight games, the Yankees when  a painful 3-6.  Not a good sign when all three teams are poised to be in the playoffs.

6.  The all-star line-up currently features steller batting averages of .265 (damon), .255 (giambi), .254 (cano), .233 (abreu), .224 (mientkiewicz) and .215 (cabrera).  Naturally this explains why 4 teams have scored more runs than the Yankees and why three more teams are in striking distance.  Other ranks – yankees rank in () – hits (8)  doubles (15) triples (23) HR’s (12), OBP (5), SLG (13) and OPS (6).

5.  Bullpen ERA is horrendous:  Villone 4.50, Farnsworth 4.87, Henn 5.19, Rivera 5.94, Vizcaino 7.27.  Not to mention a few starters who have posted Pavano 4.76 and is now done for, Mussina 5.86 way to earn that 11 mil moose, Igawa 7.63 demoted to the minors. 

4.  Errors or more simply a lack of concentration, Jeter now has 9 on the season, Cano 6, A-Rod 5.  Sure the OF’s don’t have that many, but then again, they can’t even get to the ball and even if they do, the arms are so weak the throws don’t even stand a chance of even being an error in the first place.  The Yankees rank 19 in team assists and 27th in putouts and rank 11th in over all fielding percentage.

3.  The Yankees currently have the 23rd best record in baseball, tied with the Devil Rays and barely squeeking by teams like the Nationals, Reds, Royals and Rangers.

2.  The Yankees are 9-16 on the road and even worse only 12-13 at home.  Double worse is the fact the Yankees are 2-9 in 1 run games just a tad better than the MLB worst team in 1-run games the Cubs who are 2-12.  Heck the Nationals even have a 10-7 record.

1.  Finally, to only highlight the under-performance of the 2007 Yankees and why Torre needs to be fired… the Yankees expected W-L record is 26-23 (49 games).  Instead the Yankees were 21-28.  A difference of 7 games. 

So there you have it… Torre needs to be fired.  I like to see who has a counter arguement.  To come on and try to change my mind.


2007 Predictions

The short and sweet

2007 Pre-season Predictions

1.  New York Yankees
2.  Boston Red Sox
3.  Baltimore Orioles
4.  Toronto Blue Jays
5.  Tampa Bay Devil Rays

1.  Cleveland Indians
2.  Detroit Tigers
3.  Chicago White Sox
4.  Minnesota Twins
5.  Kansas City Royals

1.  Oakland Athletics
2.  Los Angeles Angels
3.  Texas Rangers
4.  Seattle Mariners

1.  Atlanta Braves
2.  NY Mets
3.  Philadelphia Phillies
4.  Flordia Marlins
5.  Washington Nationals

1.  Chicago Cubs
2.  St. Louis Cardinals
3.  Milwaukee Braves
4.  Houston Astros
5.  Pittsburgh Pirates
6.  Cincinnatti  Reds

1.  Los Angeles Dodgers
2.  San Diego Padres
3.  San Fransisco Giants
4.  Arizona Diamondbacks
5.  Colorado Rockies


Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland Indians

Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres vs Atlanta Braves

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Atlanta Braves

2007 World Series

New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Dodgers

2007 World Champions

New York Yankees

2007 Awards

AL MVP – Alex Rodriguez Yankees
NL MVP – Andrew Jones Braves

AL CY – John Lackey Angels
NL CY – Roy Oswalt Astros

AL ROY – Alex Gordon Royals
NL ROY – Kevin Kouzmanoff Padres

AL MANAGER – Joe Torre Yankees
NL MANAGER – Bobby Cox Braves

Milestones achieved

Barry Bonds shatters Hank Aarons HR record
Sosa passes 600 HR’s
A-Rod, Sheffield, Thome pass 500 HR’s
Biggio collects 3000th Hit

Milestones Short
Randy Johnson misses 300 wins
Frank Thomas misses 500 HR’s


Super Bowl Prediction


Nfl06_afc_superPersonally, what’s up with the logo?  I don’t like the nice happy light blue?  Somehow, it does not really give me a picture of a gridiron battle to come, but rather a something you would see to get you to go to Disneyland or something.  Oh well, I am sure the NFL marketing genisus would disagree with me and talk about how it’s family friendly, nice, cute and attractive for the millions of fans who will be watching the game.  Blah, blah, blah.  At least MLB hasn’t gone down the super cheezy marketing route yet, even if they have come close.

Despite the pathetic logo, this is about two teams.  The 15-4 Indianapolis Colts against the 15-3 Chicago Bears.  We still have a week and a half of betting, talking trash and planning super bowl parties to go before the warriors get it on in Miami.  In the meantime, here is my analysis of these two team. 

Scoring the positions

QB – Manning vs Grossman
Is there any doubt about who is the better QB?  Manning has a 65% completion ratio vs Grossman’s 54.6.  Manning has thrown for 4397 yards and 31 TD’s to Grossman’s 3193 yards and 23 TD’s.  More importantly, Manning has only 9 INT’s vs Grossman’s 20.  Advantage Ind

RB – Addai/Rhodes vs Jones/Benson
This is a tough one, both teams featured two backs using one primary and one secondary.  For the Colts, Addai averaged 4.8 yards on 226 carries for 1081 yards and 7 TD’s.  Jones for the Bears averaged 4.1 yards on 296 carries and 1210 yards and 6 TD’s.  Pretty even numbers, so then you look at those number two guys and you see a slight ege going to the Bears with Benson who has 6 more yards rushing than Rhodes despite 30 few carries.  Slight Advantage

WR – Harrison, Wayne, Clark vs Muhammad, Berrian, Clark
The strange reality here is the two primary receivers and TE’s for both teams are remarkably in similar situations with the exception of their QB’s and the facts the Colts WR’s have proven themselves over a longer period of time.  Both teams have players who can catch the ball and do something with it.  Except, the Colts production blows the Bears out of the water.  Harrison leades both teams with 95 receptions, 1366 yards and 12 TD’s. Wayne closely follows with 86 receptions, 1310 yards and 9 TDs.  The Bears top WR is Muhammad with only 60 receptions, 863 yards and 5 TD’s.  There is simply no comparison.   Huge Advantage

Defense is a strange story indeed.  For example the Colts average def rank is  26th overal while the Bears rank is just under 5.   The Colts D has only 19 takeaways vs the Bears impressive 36.  Much of this is due to the front 7 for both teams.  In rushing def the Colts average 29th in the rankings and pretty much are dead last in yards per game, yards given up and rushing 1st downs.  The Bears meanwhile, are not supermen but ranked 6th in yards per game and amazingly 2nd in rushing TD’s given up.  Huge Advantage

DEF Secondary
This is where things get tricky.  The Colts were minus Bob Sanders and Bethea for good parts of the season.  Part of the playoff success was due to these two players coming back and performing again.  Looking at the numbers the Colts ranked 2nd yards given up to the Bears 11th place.  The Colts only have given up 16 TD’s to the Bears 18.  Simply put a healthy Colts pass D is capable of crushing a healty Bears passing game.   Whereas the Bears might struggle a bit.  Advantage

This isn’t even a topic for discussion.  In every category the Bears out perform the Colts.  In the kicking game Gould has had a tremendous year, even if the Colts were not that far behind.  But, Gould was 12 for 14 in kicks over 40 yards.  Not bad.  In the return game the Bears ranked number 1 in kick returns for TD’s, Punt return yards  and 4th in punt returns.  The Colts were 17th, 32nd and 32nd respectively.  In the punting game the Bears ranked 14th on average compared to the Colt’s 31st.  Advantage


Tough question.  You could not have two very different teams competiting against each other.  One is a flashy high flying team while the other is a blue collar working class.  What it comes down to, is which team can eliminate the mistakes more than the other.  When I look at both teams there are two essential questions.  1.  Can the Colts D stop the Bears running game and 2.  Can the Bears D stop the Colts passing game?  The Bears run D isn’t overly impressive, blow you away kind of game.  The problem they have is the ability to keep up if the Colts get ahead.  Grossman will have to have a great game against a strong passing defense of the Colts for the Bears to win.  The Colts on the other hand can’t afford to make mistakes, allowing the Bears to stay in the game like New Orleans did last week.  In the end, Grossman is the weak link of both teams and for that my 2007 Super Bowl Prediction is:

    Indianapolis Colts 23

Chicago Bears 6

Remaining Free Agents – Top 10.

    Man, its been two whole days with no real new news with the Yankees.  I think I am going through withdrawl.  Maybe its a good thing we haven’t heard anything yet, I really don’t want to see us trading Melky, Proctor or somebody who has proven themselves before we get our full first.  Though, you have to admit, Cashman has held the reigns rock tight this year and I am eager for the 2007 season.

    With that, lets look at 10 best free agents who could still help the Yankees assuming we find some space for them on a very crowded team.  The other option is minor league contracts to give some opportunity for those mid-season call-ups that can either make or break your season.

675210.  Victor Zambrano SP 31 years old.  I know, I know, injuries, failure to utilize his talent.  But, remember its only been a few years since Zambrano was the highlight of a bad Tampa Bay team.  He is coming off surgery and is reported to be working harder than ever to get back.  Why not sign him to a minor league contract and see how things play out, given the talent is there.

55099.  Shannon Stewart OF – 32 years old.  Stewart was hurt last year and played in only 44 games.   Despite the bad news, Stewart is a gifted athlete who has a career batting average of .299 and has good speed and is still relatively young at 32 and can still play.

50948.  Eduardo Perez 1B – 37 years old.  Perez is the son of HOF great Tony Perez.  Sure, Perez isn’t the first name you think of to fill out a spot.  However, assuming the 1B platoon dosen’t work, here you get a decent backup who has a little power and can still add some benefits to a club in a classic PH, Bench Player role.

69527.  Aaron Guiel RF 34 years old.  So Guiel isn’t a name you think of when looking at quality bench players.  Though, you may be right, let us remember he did perform quite well for the Yankees last year and reguardless of what people might  think, he is a far better option than Miguel Cairo.  Guiel can not only play the OF, but 1B as well giving the Yankees good depth in those areas.

60876.  Bruce Chen SP 29 years old.  Chen was a failure at Baltimore.  Then again, haven’t most pitchers coming from Baltimore in the past few years struggled?  Chen has the talent, is still young and I believe capable of becoming a good #4 or #5 starter.  Why not take Chen on a minor league contract, work with his control and see how things work.  Worst case is you have another ML ready backup if the starting rotation blows up with injuries or something.

62405.  Dan Kolb RP 31 years old.  Talk about a career that rides like a wave in Hawaii.  Sometimes great and sometimes not so great.  However, Kolb is a decent reliever who can get the job done and has some closing experience should God forbid Rivera goes on the DL.  We know how Torre likes to work his bullpen and Kolb would be a nice edition.

62834.  Tomo Ohka SP 30 years old.  Tomo is a solid Japanese pitcher who has done a fairly decent job in the majors, despite being on some poor teams.  He is very capable and a lot of teams are looking into his playing on their team.  With Igewa, Mastui and Ohka, why not add another in Ichiro for 2008 when he becomes an FA after this season.  Ohka is definately worth a shot, even if the Yankees have plenty of arms to fall back on.

56343.  Darin Erstad OF/1B 32 years old.  Okay, forget about taking Guiel when Erstad would be a tremendous addition to the Yankee line-up.  Forget the CF position, he has been playing 1B lately and doing it fairly well.  Erstad isn’t flashy, and isn’t going to put up mind numbing numbers, but he is a good, solid veteran who can more than fill in at 1B or even the OF if needed. 

46952.  Bernie Williams OF/DH 38 years old.  Um, its Bernie.  Why is he not signed yet?  Okay, so he can’t really play the OF anymore, but he can still hit and yes he can fill in once in awhile in the OF.  More importantly, Bernie is a true Yankee who is heading towards the highlight of his career.  He is a great role model for youngins like Cano and Cabrera and I think even if Williams rides the bench most of the season, he presence in the clubhouse is the added benefit.  This is a guy who I can see becoming a great coach for the Yankees in the future and I want to see him one more year.
33401.  Roger Clemens SP 44 years old.  Did you have to ask who #1 would be.  Were only talking about one of the greatest pitchers of all time and who owes us Yankees something for retiring only to come back as a ‘Stro to pitch three more phenominal years.  Imagine if we had Clemens pitchings a 2.30 ERA with a 1.04 WHIP for us last year.  Clemens is the best pitcher in the game right now and even if for a half of a season, drop $20 mil into his account and bring the future HOF to the team.

Other intriguing free agent optionsSteve Trachel SP, Aaron Sele SP, Ron Villone RP, Miguel Perez C, Tony Armas SP, Ronnie Belliard 2B, Mike DeJean RP, Alex Gomez OF, Rick Helling SP, Fernando Tatis 3B, and Jamey Wright SP.

Review of Amon Amarth’s With Oden On Our Side


  Time for a little change of pace as the winter season has slowed down some.  Recently, I purchased a new CD from the Viking Death Metal group
Thumb_1Amon Amarth who hail from Stockholm.  Formed in 1992, the group has remained true to themselves and continue to reign using Viking history as their guide.  Prior to With Oden On Our Side, Amon Amarth has released Burning Creation (1994), Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds (1995), Once Sent From The Golden Hall (1997), The Avenger (1999), The Crusher (2000), Versus The World (2003), Fate of Norns (2004) and With Oden On Our Side (2006).

The CD actually includes a bonus disc which is always a nice bonus given the immense cost of CD’s today.  The songs include






Disc 1
1. Valhall Awaits Me
2. Runes To My Memory
3. Asator
4. Hermod’s Ride To Hel – Lokes
     Treachery Part 1

5. Gods Of War Arise
6. With Oden On Our Side

7. Cry Of The Black Birds
8. Under The Northern Star

9. Prediction Of

Valhall Awaits me grabs you immediately, pounding you with intense drumming to then be blessed with a very catchy guitar riff.  Something, I notice Amon Amorth is very strong at and in my opinion, establishes them outside the general Death Metal scene.  I immediately like this song and believe my purchase was well worth it.

Unfortunately, Runes To My Memory and Asator did not put the strangle hold on me as Valhall Awaits did.  However, as I have continued to listen to the CD, both songs have

grown on me.  Now, this is the point in a CD were we teeter on either having a nice little gem for your listening pleasure or something you forget about rather quickly.  The question was how Hermod’s Ride To Hel – Lokes Treachery Part I, will spell the picture out.  As the song starts, the melodic guitar riff kicks in and I knew immediately this song was going to  kick some serious ***.   
Amonamarth_1153383361Gods of War Arise takes you on a Viking trip to a village about to be conqured.  The musical procession takes you for an amazing ride carrying you along for an epic adventure.  The name sake of the album paints a bloody picture of the aftermath of the Viking conquest, the lyrics, brutal drums and scorching guitars drive the picture home. 

Cry of The Black Birds and Under The Northern Star clearly demonstrate the growth Amon Amarth has seen over the years by putting together a very strong album from beginning to end.  Under The Northern Star is amazing to say the least and is a very good lead into the final song on the album.  The pace slows a tad on this song as it is about as close to a soft song as your going to get.  What really sets this group apart from other Death Metal bands is the obivious musical talent involved.

Of course this leads up to the final song title Prediction of Warfare and with the blow of a Viking sword, it planted quite a shot.  It is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time and I enjoyed it immediately.  Similar to Susperia’s Chemistry or Immortal Soul’s Man of Sorrow, Amon Amarth outdo themselves here.  The song is addictive like no other and the soothing pounding of wave generating melody really sets this song above the others.Amonamarth_1153383273

Death Metal isn’t for everybody and Viking Death Metal is even for a smaller group.  But, there are some very talented bands out there who display amazing skills.  Guitarists Johan Soderberg, Olavi Mekkonen, drummer Fredrik Andersson, bassist Ted Lundstrom and vocalist Johan Hegg have put together an amazing work of art  on With Oden On Our Side.  Even if your not into the gutteral vocals, the musical journey is still worth a listen too.  Here the music is about more than just speed and pounding pain into your ears, it is about real talent, catchy tunes with a solid dose of melody while still containing its hard edge. 

Amon Amarth – With Oden On Our Side earns $$$$$ out of $$$$$ a definate must for any musical collection.


Is Winter Break Over Yet

Well, its been a few months since my last post.  You could say I kinda went into winter hibernation along with MLB when the season ended by the suprising Cards pulling out an impressive victory to the over-hyped Tigers.  Naturally, this is my opinion, ‘cept it was nice to see the media’s favorite Tiger darlings get taken out by a team who became the second worst record team in MLB World Series history to actually win the series.  Too bad out Yankees were not there, but the past few months has done much to clean rectify the issue. 

So, the question is, has anything happened during the past few months?  And before you answer, no I was not dropped head first into the frozen tundra of Antartica.  Fact is, I have been paying much attention with a big smile on my face.  In the next few posts, I will discuss the ongoings of baseball in general and make my 2007 predictions.  Before, I do that, we should talk about the greatest team in history and we all know who that is.  In the following, here are my grades for the various actions our beloved Yankees have completed since the end of the 2006 season.

Jan 9th, 2007 – Yankees acquired Luis Vizcaino, Ross Ohlendorf, Steven Jackson and Alberto Gonzalez for Randy Johnson.  Essentially, the Yanks get one veteran reliver and three MLB potential prospects while letting a dissappointing Johnson and his $16 salary go.  Vizcaino is a nice pick up for the pen and can eat up innings for the Yanks.  Most importantly Ohlendorf is a backend of the rotation right hander who is nearly ready to make the leap to the bigs and Steven Jackson is a prospect with tremendous upside who finally began to shine in 2006.  Yanks also get Gonzalez who will be a good bench player for the Yanks and very capable of jumping in and filling out a spot should injury occur.  However, what really sets this deal appart is the fact in losing Johnson the Yankees rotation may have actually gotten stronger and for that this deal earns an A+

Jan 5th, 2007 – Yankees sign Doug Mientkiewicz to a 1-year contract.  Its getting a little crowded at 1B with Giambi, Mientkiewicz, Phillips and Phelps, not to mention the possibility of a couple good young prospects in the Yankee farm system.  However, Giambi will take over the full-time DH role and Phillips (who I believe is going to be good) is still questionable offensively.  Phelps has the ability, but regressed since being in Toronto.  Mientkiewicz won’t set the world on fire from the plate but he does have a .996  career fielding percentage and the Yanks need defence more than offence at this point.  While I would have preferred signing Bernie to one more year, this deal isn’t all bad for the Yanks so a B- will work here.

Dec 27th, 2006 – Merry Christmas Yankee fans and for our present we get Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa to a very reasonable 5-year contract.  Igawa is a decent #4/#5 option and comes fairly cheep by Yankee standards.  If he keeps the era under 4.50 and wins 13 games, this is a good deal and garnes a B+

Dec 22nd, 2006 – Yanks sign Juan Miranda to a 4-year contract.  Who?  Exactly, but mark my words, keep an eye on this kid and for my reasons why, check out the Yankee’s page at  Grade B

Dec 21st, 2006 – Yankees sign Andy Pettitte to a 1-year contract with a 1-year player option.  YES WE GET PETTITTE BACK!  This is most likely the best Yankee deal all winter.  We all know about Pettitte and he’s back, do I need to say more?  A+

Nov 27th, 2006 – Yankees sign Mike Mussina to a 2-year contract.  This is a good deal for a number of reasons.  First,  they get the Moose at a discounted price.  Second, the Moose had a tremendous year in 2006 meaning there is life still in that arm.  Finally, he becomes the senior on a increasingly young staff which is a great benefit for the youngsters.  Naturally, he will be another older which is the only draw back, but this is still a good deal for the Yanks.  B+

Nov 12th, 2006 – The Yankees trade Jaret Wright to Baltimore for Chris Britton.  Let’s see, we move a injury prone, 5.00 era pitcher who couldn’t get into the 6th 98% of the time for a 24 year old reliever who has MLB experience and tremendous upside.  Can we just call it for what it is… a steal and this earns the Yankees a A

Nov 10th, 2006 – The Yankees ship Gary Sheffield to the over-rated Tigers for youngsters Humberto Sanchez, Kevin Whelan and Anthony Claggett who all have MLB potential with Sanchez being the key.  Look deeper into the deal the Yanks get rid of potential trouble in Sheffield whose defensive ability has slipped Sanchez who is one of the better pitching prospects in the game and is nearly MLB ready and two more young pitching prospects who have a lot of upside.  This was a tremendous deal for both teams and deserves an A+

As for the Yankees in general over the winter

A+ goes to Steinbrenner for keeping his cool by keeping both Joe Torre and Brian Cashman.  But, these two have the Yankees clearly on the right path and Steinbrenner is once again allowing the baseball guys the room to do their jobs.

A+ goes to the yanks for money management.  First they rid themselves of two expensive contracts for aging players with minimal return for a slew of young talent with tremendous upside.  They sign two of the better pitchers in the game for short term, relatively inexpesive deals.  More importantly, the Yankees didn’t go nuts on the FA market in a year when big salaries for mid-level talent was being doled out like flies to rotten hot dogs.  Take Boston, they paid gazillions for a pitcher who has never spend a day in the bigs and then dumped another $70 million for a OF who has spent more time on the DL than off.  KC spent $55 million for a pitcher with a 5.00 era and .500 record and the Giants ******** punched themselves in the nose by signing Zito who is at best 10-20th ranked pitcher in the bigs.  What this means is that Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano are becoming Free Agents in 2008 and the Yankees are not tied into big, ill-producing contracts on two pitchers who some are now saying will command $20 million per year to just even start talking.

C goes to the decision to go with Mientkiewics and Miguel Cario for rounding out the infield.  Granted, its not the worst thing you could do, but seriously better players were available for the taking.  Players such as Green, Guiel  who would have come pretty cheep and even better, the Yankees could have stuck with a couple  of youngsters from the system.  Defensively Cario and Mientkiewics might have a slight edge, but offensively, its hard to do a worse job and Cario kills more rallies than starting them.

C- falls upon the failure to address the backup catcher situation.  Wil Nieves isn’t a horrible choice, but you can’t tell me the Yankees don’t have questions about a player who will be turning 30 and who has only 82 career AB’s for a quiet average of .198.  They did invite Raul Chavez, Ben Davis, Peter Pilittere and Todd Pratt to spring training, which only heightens the issue.  Not counting Posada, the back up cather spot is being fought over by 5 players with little upside.  The issue isn’t so much the the fact these backup are not much of a threat, but the fact that Posada will turn 36 on August 17th which is old for a catcher who has played as many games as he has.  Since 2000 Posada has played in: (note for catchers)

151 games – 2000 – 2nd most in MLB
138 games – 2001 – 3rd most in MLB
143 games – 2002 – 3rd most in MLB
142 games – 2003 – 5th most in MLB
137 games – 2004 – 5th most in MLB
142 games – 2005 – 3rd most in MLB
143 games – 2006 – 4th most in MLB  

Only a few other players have sustained the number of games track record Posada, being Jason Kendall and Roberto Hernandez.  However, Hernandez spent a lot of time at DH while in Oakland and in San Diego didn’t appear in as nearly as many games he normally did while in Oakland.  Kendall is the closest player who resembles Posada in the number of games played for a catcher since 2000 and Kendall is 3 years younger than Posada.

Don’t get me wrong, Posada is a great player and a tremendous component for the Yankees.  But, at the age of 36 can we expect him to continue averaging 140 games a year given the historical track record for catchers?  The issue is, P
ossada’s shoes are big shoes to fill and none of the 5 invities batteling for the backup job can fill them in and while the Yankees do have a couple prospects, they are a couple years away.  The point is, they should have made more effort to get a catcher worth something in case the great Posada were to happen to find himself on the DL for any length of time.  As a result, this is naturally the only real issue the Yankees didn’t address very well this winter.

All in all though, the Yankees did a tremendous job and Cashman should be applauded for his efforts.  He not only made the Yankees younger, but better and even cut costs in the process.  This should be a fun year in the Bronx and I am looking forward to it.  I think the chemistry will be strong and the prospects of possibly having Roger Clemens back in Pinstripes is like telling a kid to wait to open presents on christmas day.

And until next time…




Various Ramblings

Yankees winning awards:

On October 24th, Mariano Rivera was named the DHL Delivery Man of The Year for the 2nd consecutive year.  Congratulations Mariano.  For more on this story you can go to See:  Rivera is DHL Delivery man of The Year

Today, October 25th, Derek Jeter was named the AL Hank Aaron Award winner.  So Congratulations to Derek and hopefully, we will be saying Congrats again on November 21st when the AL MVP is announced.  See:  Jeter Adds Aaron Award to honors

Yankee News:

ESPN is reporting A-Rods agent Scott Boras was informed by Brian Cashment there is no intention to trade A-Rod during the off season Boras: Cashman says Yankees won’t trade A-Rod.  This is good news in my opinion.  I know this is not the popular view among Yankee fans, but lets face it, A-Rods off year is still a career year for a majority of big leaguers.  I guess 2006 really only proved one thing… A-Rod is actually human after all.  Give the guy a break folks.  Were not going to find a better third baseman out there anywhere unless somehow Steinbrenner discovered out how to clone human beings.

Whew!  No tension in the Yankee clubhouse.  The Associated Press published an article that in my opinion is only meant to try and stir things up for the Yankees offseason Jeter:  No tension lingers in Yankee Clubhouse  For as much as A-Rod is getting nailed in the press, Jeter is being peppered just as much concerning why he dosen’t speak out more for A-Rod.  Folks, this is going to be a long winter if we have to listen to this over and over again.  A-Rod had a down year, Jeter is the captain who from what I understand isn’t suppose to be a special cheerleader for A-Rod, not that A-Rod needs one.  This seems to be me more of a media wish to create tension than actual tension existing.

Check out ESPN’s rumor central MLB RUMOR CENTRAL (access required)  It was reported the Yanks might actually pick up Sheffields extension and then trade him off to one of several teams needing a power hitting outfielder.  Supposedly Cashman wants to get something for Sheffield rather than just letting him walk, which I can understand.  But, the extension is for $13 million in 2007.  Do we really think were going to get equal value for an aging OF who missing most of 2006? 

Another interesting rumor coming out of ESPN is the possibility of Freddy Garcia coming to the Yankees.  Naturally, this story should have been given a couple of question marks because in an article immediately following, you learn A-Rod would most likely be part of any deal, which I would be really suprised.  Think about it.  Why get Garcia when you can potentially get guys like Zito and Schmidt off the FA market.  Secondly, why on earth would you trade one of the greatest players of all time to a team you would most likely battle in the playoffs and who already have a very potent offense.  A trade like this just dosen’t make sense to me.

From CBS Sportsline website, the rumor mill indicates the possibility of Joe Girardi coming back to the Yankees in order to be Joe Torre’s bench coach.  Naturally, the suggestion goes further and explains the intent would be to have Girardi take over managing once Torre leaves.  But, if that were the case, what would you do with Don Mattingly?  Read about it here Rumor Mill

The offseason injury report for the Yankees is a little scary Yankee Notes  First off we all know Jason Giambi had surgery on the wrist that was bothering him at the end of the season.  (What’s with it with the Yankees and wrist injuries this year)?  Andy Phillips a player who I have always like has arthroscopic surgery on his knee.  Randy Johnson is having back surgery tomorrow and Scott Proctor will be getting his elbow examined after he heard a clicking sound.  I suppose if something is wrong, all were going to hear is about how Joe Torre abused his arm.  Never mind the fact that as short as when the Goose was playing he threw on average  over 100 innings a year.  Still sitting on the DL is Carl Pavano and who know when he will ever come back and Tanyon Sturtze who we could use back.

Btw here is a list of Yankee Free Agents and whether or not if I had the power, would try to sign or let go…

Gary Sheffield – would sign if less than 8 million (extension for $13 mil is on the table
Mike Mussina – extension for $17 million is on the table would like to settle for $12.
Jaret Wright – extension is available, would exercise and turn him into a long reliever/spot starter
Sal Fasano – Bye, time to give the kids a shot, like Wil Nieves, though he’s not a kid exactly.
Miguel Cairo – Bye, can’t hit a lick
Octavio Dotel – Sign, big arm and should be better in 2007
Tanyon Sturtze – Sign, keep price low add more incentives
Ron Villone – Sign, did a great job, just ran out of gas
Nick Green – Sign, good bench player and better infielder than Cairo anyway
Bernie Williams – Sign as player/coach, league min.
Craig Wilson – Sit tight and see if a 1B is availble, if not then Sign, if yes wait until last possible moment.

Note: about the previous article there was a comment, a rather rude one to say the least, pointing out the fact I mentioned Ponson becoming a hot pitcher for the Cards.  I meant to say Suppan, but Ponson seem to just pop into my thoughts instead, so the error in names was mine, but the intent is still present.  As for the comment, I know a lot of Cardinal fans and most act with respect, its one thing to point out and error, but to do so in the negative tone the complainer had is pretty much pointless.  Like A-Rod, I am human even if some might disagree.  Either way, I have no problems admiting to an error that I make and for all those who I may have confused by using Ponson instead of Suppan I apologize for the mistake.  As we all know Ponson was a bust for the Cards and the Yankees this year.  Great talent, series issues.  Hopefully, he can figure it out before its too late.  Oh and for the complainer… WHATEVER!!! lol