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Yankees Need A Change

Yankees need a change and its gotta start with Torre.  As painful as it may be.  Below is the Top 10 reason why Torre should be fired.

10.  Yankees are 21-29 after 50 games.  Dead LAST in the AL EAST a ******** 14.5 games behind the Red Sox.  This is unacceptable.

9.  The Yankees have already had a 7 game losing streak, a 3 game losing streak and currently a 5 game losing streak.  To date only a 3 game winning streak twice. 

8.  Okay, starting rotation was devastated when the season started, but its stable now.  Injuries have declined all nice excusess early on.  So how does that explain a current 4-10 record in the past 14 games or worse 5-13 in the past 18 games.

7.  Against Mets, Red Sox and Angels in 9 straight games, the Yankees when  a painful 3-6.  Not a good sign when all three teams are poised to be in the playoffs.

6.  The all-star line-up currently features steller batting averages of .265 (damon), .255 (giambi), .254 (cano), .233 (abreu), .224 (mientkiewicz) and .215 (cabrera).  Naturally this explains why 4 teams have scored more runs than the Yankees and why three more teams are in striking distance.  Other ranks – yankees rank in () – hits (8)  doubles (15) triples (23) HR’s (12), OBP (5), SLG (13) and OPS (6).

5.  Bullpen ERA is horrendous:  Villone 4.50, Farnsworth 4.87, Henn 5.19, Rivera 5.94, Vizcaino 7.27.  Not to mention a few starters who have posted Pavano 4.76 and is now done for, Mussina 5.86 way to earn that 11 mil moose, Igawa 7.63 demoted to the minors. 

4.  Errors or more simply a lack of concentration, Jeter now has 9 on the season, Cano 6, A-Rod 5.  Sure the OF’s don’t have that many, but then again, they can’t even get to the ball and even if they do, the arms are so weak the throws don’t even stand a chance of even being an error in the first place.  The Yankees rank 19 in team assists and 27th in putouts and rank 11th in over all fielding percentage.

3.  The Yankees currently have the 23rd best record in baseball, tied with the Devil Rays and barely squeeking by teams like the Nationals, Reds, Royals and Rangers.

2.  The Yankees are 9-16 on the road and even worse only 12-13 at home.  Double worse is the fact the Yankees are 2-9 in 1 run games just a tad better than the MLB worst team in 1-run games the Cubs who are 2-12.  Heck the Nationals even have a 10-7 record.

1.  Finally, to only highlight the under-performance of the 2007 Yankees and why Torre needs to be fired… the Yankees expected W-L record is 26-23 (49 games).  Instead the Yankees were 21-28.  A difference of 7 games. 

So there you have it… Torre needs to be fired.  I like to see who has a counter arguement.  To come on and try to change my mind.