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A Salary Cap Would Ruin Baseball

Salary cap would ruin baseball.

The thought behind the cap is that parity in baseball is ruined and the same teams keep winning over and over.  But, really?  Lets look deeper into this fallacy.

WS winners past 6 years

2000 Yankees
2001 Diamondbacks
2002 Angels
2003 Marlins
2004 Red Sox
2005 White Sox

Or the divisional breakdown is
AL East 2
AL Central 1
AL West 1
NL East 1
NL Central 0
NL West 1

In otherwords, not  only has 6 different teams won the WS in the past 6 years, 5 out of 6 divisions were home of the WS Champion. The only other streak where a different team won without winning again is 11 years between 1978 and 1990.  At no other point in the 100 years of the WS has there been more than a 3 year span in which a team has not appeared again.

From 1926 through 1956 only 7 different teams won the WS.  In fact you look at the WS played from 1919 to 1965 only 11 different teams won the WS with 57% being won by either the Yankees or Cardinals who won 27 WS out of the 47 year span.  In 36 of those 47 years the same 11 teams were also on the losing end of the WS.  Of which 61% of those 36 losing apparences were by either by the Dodgers, Giants or Yankees.

To make my point further, in the 47 year span between 1919 and 1965, the 11 winning teams comprised of 89% of the total number of teams involved in the WS.  Of which 4 teams (Dodgers, Giants, Cardinals and Yankees) took 53%of of the total 94 win/loss possibilites for the WS. 

During this same time period 22 different franchises had the opportunity to win a WS.  They were:

Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers
St. Louis Browns
Boston Red Sox
Washington Sentators
Philadelphia Athletics
Baltimore Orioles
Kansas City Athletics
Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels

Cincinnati Reds
New York/San Fransico Giants
Chicago Cubs
Pittsburgh Pirates
Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers
Boston/Milwaukee Braves
St. Louis Cardinals
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets
Houston Colt 45’s

Meaning out of the 22 frachises only 50% actually won the WS.  Of the group of 11 franchises who did not win a WS, 6 actually made it and lost (Chicago White Sox – St. Louis Browns – Boston Red Sox – Chicago Cubs – Minnesota Twins – Philadelphia Phillies)  Of those 6 teams they appeared in a total of 9 WS with the White Sox and Cubs appearing in 6 of the 9.

Compare these numbers to the past 6 years.  From 2000 through 2005, 10 different teams have appeared in the WS.  The Yankees being the only team to have appeared more than once.  Meaning only 17% of the time has a team repeated an appearence in the WS.  A far cry from baseball past. 

In fact, by simply looking at the numbers, as the difference between teams payrolls has increased, so has the parity of baseball increased as well.  Proving that money can buy players, but not championships. 

BTW, you can look at other sports with a salary cap and you will see less parity in those sports than you see in baseball. 

If you want parity, you don’t want a salary cap.