About deepbaseballthoughts

I fell in love with the Yankee during the
1977 playoffs. I was just a little kid just getting into
sports and the teams. I decided it was time for me to pick my
baseball team and the Yankee with their cast of characters
was an easy pick. Reggie Jackson, Jim “Catfish” Hunter,
Sparky Lyle, Thurman Munson followed by the 78′ Yankees with
Guidry, Goose and all, I was hooked. Thurman Munson was by
far my favorite player, followed by Reggie Jackson and Goose
Gossage (PUT IN HIM THE HOF ALREADY). I have kept up on the
Yankees ever sense and my loyalities have never waivered. To
date, I have seen the Yankee play the Cubs, White Sox and
Brewers and was there when A-Rod hit his 400th HR. My goal is
to get to a game at Yankee Stadium before the move to the new


My interests are pretty broad so here ya
go. Yankees of course and baseball in general. I loved
playing football more than baseball, I love the game of
baseball more. I enjoy listening to music across a wide
scope, but mostly metal. I also enjoy going to movies and
concerts. I do read and my favorite authors are Dougless
Preston and Lincoln Child. I also write on the side. And
finally, but never least, I am an advid support of the
Chicago Bandits Women’s Professional Softball